About Worcester Central Masjid

Islam is one of the most vast spread religions throughout the world. To preserve it in different corners of the world, it is important to cherish it and keep reminding the humans who are part of a pure and lovable religion.

The Worcester Islamic Association was founded by a group of Muslim individuals who wanted to advance the faith of Muslims and keep them directed to the path of righteousness and goodness. The association was created in December 2009 and the charity registration was done by 5 January 2010. The community individuals who were behind this amazing and peace filled cause, started off their journey by utilizing a small room in a restaurant car park. They used this room for delivering Quranic education to anyone who wished for it and it also was a prayer room for Muslim children and adults to attend to their 5 times prayer every day.

Gradually the community locals collected donations and karz-e-hasana from different Muslim family members and friends to start off an actual mosque. With immense support and positive response from the people, Worcester Islamic Association was able to purchase a social club which costed them around £105K and including the vat, the price raised up to around £127K. The city council of Worcester granted the association proper permission to utilize the club as a mosque and now the mosque is famous as Worcester Central Masjid. It is used by Muslim children and adults for offering 5 times prayers during the day and is also offering Quranic education to anyone who wishes to avail it.

The peaceful aim behind the creation of Worcester Central Masjid is to allow Muslims to keep faith in their religion in such hard times when the entire world is questioning them. The simple objective is to spread peace, goodness and harmony amongst people and not only the Muslim community. We are offering this platform to all Muslims so that they can celebrate their festivities, away from their homeland in a much homely and peaceful manner. We also hold lectures in the Masjid which are open not only for Muslims but also for Non-Muslims to attend, which pass on the message of peace which our beloved Prophet (PBUH) has left us with.

Join hands with us today to shut down the conspiracies that are revolving around Islam. We wish to raise awareness about racial groups.

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